GDPR revisited

So back to the GDPR subject again. I went to a trade show last Wednesday at Silverstone which was one of the reasons for attending as I had never been to Silverstone before and being a F1 fan it was great to be in the Wing building for teh first time. The other and I must say main reason for going was a talk being given by two people from DAMM Solutions Ltd aboiut GDPR and how it affects our industry in particular. As I had hoped this proved to be a very interesting 45 minutes which has prompted so more action on our part over and above what we have already done. We have started an 'Action Log' where we list what we have done in detail and the date etc it was done on. We have used firms in teh past for sending promotional emails and I have made sure that any contacts databases that we supplied to them have now been deleted to keep the amount of data we are controllers for to a minimum. My partner is in teh process of removing the details of clients that no longer exist from our management information system (MIS). 

Later this month we will be looking at our privacy policy with a view to upgrading it to GDPR standards. Overall we are relatively foirtunate in that the vasat majority of our business is in fact done on a B2B basis rather than a B2C basis. This makes compliance with the new regulations considerably easier for us than for many companies and industries out there. It was a very worthwhile 200 mile round trip and I think we can look forward to 24th May 2018 with a reasonable amount of confidence. 

Exciting times

Good morning all

This year we will be rolling out a new service for our customers and hopefully it will attract plenty of new ones too. We now have a system where we can supply each customer with a website dedicated to their own company that has an ever increasing range of promotional products. Each product is displayed with their own logo on already but you have the facility to change that if you have a different version of your logo that you want on that particular item. If applicable each product can be further customised with text or an additional logo in some cases. Once you are happy with the on screen proof you can order the products with their displayed prices. You receive an email confirmation and a delivery date. 

This facility takes out all the hassle of obtaining quotes and waiting for proofs to arrive etc making ordering your promotional items quick and painlessallowing you to concentrate on your own business. We hope very much that you enjoy using the new service. If you would like to be top of the list to receive your dedicated website please email me at and I will sort it out straight away otherwise I will send you an email once your own site is ready.

Looking forward to a very good 2018 and wish all of our current customers and new ones the same.

Wow, that was bad.

Good morning.

Normal service has now been resumed after an truly awful few days sufferning from what I can only imagine was this Australian flu that seems to be paralyzing Great Britain at the moment. I knew something was up on New Years eve and it has left me almost inacple of doing anything for the last 10 days at least. Being basically healthy I resisted going to the doctor but it has certainly taken time to beat it naturally. I can't imagine what effect it is having on people who are not healthy to start with. It's certainly not how I expected to start 2018. Can you believe it's over 20 years ago that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet captivated us with their portrayals of Jack and Rose!

Being well and truly on the mend now I am looking forward to 2018, and I'm using the phrase 'looking forward' in both of the contexts that it has. 2017 has been a pretty good year for Pulsar Print Management and it means that we can approach 2018 with the tools and budgets to capitalise on all of our strengths. 

Notably we will be promoting a new service via our PromoPigeon alter ego. I will tell you much more about next week. Watch this space.

Australian Flu

So sorry, but just too ill to blog at the moment

Happy Christmas Everybody

It only leaves me to say Happy Christmas everybody.


London at Christmas time.

There is something rather magnificent about London at Christmas time. The lights that are illuminating all the incredible shopping streets of London and the atmosphere that purvades everywhere are just 2 of the things that makes an annual trip to the capital essential.

Christmas Lights 1

Christmas Lights 2

Normally we go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but decided to give it a miss this year, no particular reason but just trying to vary what we do. So this year it was a browse around Harrods to be amazed by the cuddly toys that included life size Pandas, Giraffes, Bears and Camels. A visit to the sound and vision department now called Technology at Harrods to see a 100" Sony television a true bargain at a mere £70,000, I've actually been to a cinema with a smaller screen than that! Speaker systems that are in the form of Bulldogs that have a bone shaped remote control and other things that you only see at Harrods all making it a thgoroughly entertaining trip. 

Once we had bought the few things that we actually came for it was on to Harvey Nicols for a well earned glass of champagne and a good people watch in the 5th floor bar. All finished off with a meal in the Burger and Lobster restaurant that is a new addition to the place since I last visited. All in all a very pleasant day that signals the start of Christmas proper for me. Already looking forawrd to next year!!

The only thing to blog about today.

The only thing to talk about today is the funny white stuff that appears to be falling out of the sky. According to the news reports schools in the midlands are closed and even a Christmas market was closed due to snow. I ask you just how ridiculous is this country getting. Police have apparently been called to the Business Class lounge at Heathrow because some flights have been cancelled. Once again the level of snow that would be regarded as nothing in an awful lot of countries brings vast parts of ours to a standstill. Clearly it is not worth our councils investing many millions of pounds in dedicated snow clearing machines that would only get used on a few occasions each year but surely the ability to put a plough and some chains onto some existing bin lorries or the like is not beyond the realms of possibility? Or is it, maybe I'm missing an important point but I dont think so.

I was reminded today of a phenomenon that I first encountered in Chatel, a small skiing village on the Porte du Soleil ski area of France. There is always something called the 'Snowline' a height at which above it falls snow and below it is rain. When you looked out the window of the Chalet at breakfast up the mountainside there was a very clear, exactly horizontal line where the trees were completely white above it and completely green below it, quite an amazing sight the first time. This is a video outside the window of my office today:

 and this is a picture outside a house in Purley which is probably about 400 feet lower than Caterham on the Hill where the video was taken.


Meaning that somewhere between Caterham on the Hill and Purley is the snowline and I suspect its just as you start going down the hill, I am just about to go and find out.

GDPR for Pulsar part 2

Good morning 

Part 2 of my VLOG on General Data Protection Regulation compliance. Back to normal blogging next week.

GDPR Part 2 from Roger Oxford on Vimeo.


General Data Protection Regulation

This is my first vlog rather than blog in an attempt to make this subject interesting. I will continue the saga next week!

Rogers 1st vlog from Roger Oxford on Vimeo.


All hail the almighty Apple

Wireless charging of devices has been around for some time now. The technology makes plugs and adapters obsolete The only thing you need is a Qi charging station (transmitter) and a phone with wtreless charging capabilities (receiver). As soon as your battery runs out of power, you place the device on the station and your phone immediately starts charging.

Wireless Charging Station

The number of public Qi (pronounced Chi) charging stations currently totals just 5000 worldwide but just watch this space!! With the just launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X Apple have embraced this technology. Game changing' products don't come along all that often for our industry Looking back over the years we have seen many gadgets come and go and last for different time penods mouse mats. modem cables. memory sticks. digital photo frames. and more recently portable power banks and charging cables (see previous blog regarding quality issues). Apple's decision to enter the market elevates Qi very much to game changer status.

Research has shown that up to 76% of consumers are eagerly awaiting wireless charging. There are expected to be 300 million phones with this feature by the end of 2018 and 1 billion devices by the end of 2020 all because Apple has come on board. Wireless charging is becoming widely available and growing rapidly with major automotive brands (Kia. BMW. Ford) including it in their cars, coffee shops (Starbucks, Costa), fast food outlets (McDonald's) and even brands such as Ikea offering wireless charging.

All the above makes this an ideal premium gift for those really special customers at the festive season.