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The information collected about you by your use of the website will be held by Pulsar Print Management Ltd, Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon. CR0 0XZ

On registration in we will process your Personal Information in the way indicated in this Privacy Policy. Over time the way we process your Personal Information may change. We will let you know about changes that may not be obvious to you by publishing them in the Privacy Policy. By using the website you agree to any change we tell you about unless, within 60 days of that notice, you write and tell us not to handle your information in the new way. We do not store any credit card information online or on our systems.

Marketing Purposes
We hate spam as much as you do. Our communications will always be professional and informative. Clear unsubscribe details are always shown on our e–communications. If you are a registered user, your Personal Information may be used by us to contact you in writing, or by e–mail (not telephone) to offer you products, offers and services that we believe are directly related directly to your business. You can opt out of receiving Contact for Marketing Purposes at any time. Please write to the Data Protection Officer, Pulsar Print Management Ltd, Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon. CR0 0XZ

Access to Your Records
You have a right to see a copy of the information we hold about you on request. If you wish to see a copy of the information we hold about you please write to the Data Protection Officer, Pulsar Print Management Ltd, Airport House, Purley Way, Croydon. CR0 0XZ

Cookie Policy
This website uses cookies which may collect information and statistics about all visitors to this website.

What are Cookies?
A cookie is a text file saved to your computer's hard disk by a website so it can remember who you are. Cookies only record pages of a website that have been visited by your computer and the duration of the visit to those pages. These remain on your computer until you leave the website and allow you to carry information across pages of the website without having to re-enter information, for example when putting items into a shopping basket, or logging in to a site. Some cookies will stay on your computer after leaving the website. For a more detailed explanation, see the types of cookies below.

Session Cookie
Also called a transient cookie, a cookie that is erased when you close the web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information from your computer. They typically will store information in the form of a session identification that does not personally identify the user.

Persistent Cookie
Also called a permanent cookie, or a stored cookie, a cookie that is stored on your hard drive until it expires (persistent cookies are set with expiration dates) or until you delete the cookie. Persistent cookies are used to collect identifying information about the user, such as web surfing behavior or user preferences for a specific website.

What is the new directive?
Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

What does it relate to?
This directive relates to website users consent of Cookies created by a website. The Directive states that a websites users must knowingly give consent to the use of Cookies on their computers.

For more detailed information about cookies, how they work on your computer and how to delete them or allow them to remain on your computer, please visit

User Initiated Contact
If you contact us by telephone or by e–mail asking for assistance or information, we may ask for or take your personal information. As well as using your personal information to help you, your Personal Information will be used to contact you for Marketing Purposes.We measure traffic and activity for site customer analysis & supplier reporting purposes.